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It is not me who creates my works, but nature, the final object is placed and covered with colour which will then mix and create shapes, driven by the natural force of gravity, then it is dried by exposure to the sun. 

This makes the work unique and irreproducible, neither I nor anyone else will be able to create it the same.

Save the Planet


Ancient frame in wood, revisited with oil colours (red and black) with blue colored (water) plastic bottle

A new life


Ancient frame in wood, revisited with oil colours and plastic egg

The work is sold with the author's certificate of authenticity and photographic evidence

No War



The work was auctioned off and the proceeds were donated to charity for victims of the Ukraine war.

Ancient frame in wood revisited with oil colours and plastic glasses

War and Press Freedom


Oil on canvas with originals War newspapers (40s)

and plastic Venetian handmate Mask

Food War


Stop Femminicide


Freedom is our illusion


Loneliness is a bad company


Altre Opere - Other Works

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